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well hello there facemine friends i was born in salford went to school in salford went to salford college studying infomation technology i also worked in home bargins on salford precinct my mum worked in there 2 in 2001 did you no people im not trying to con you or anything if your close to were we was developed isnt that great start using us if your somebody we no then thats fine we hope you stay interested in our platform whats good about facemine is its not owned by government


im glad all the people who i thouht were friends aint really friends i found this out when i moved away from salford it is fine good job it dont bother me or eles lol 


did you no when i moved to farnworth i used to love going to karaoke at weekends this was amazing then i met this female on friday the 13th april 2012 in the market hotel wile out on karaoke we had a baby boy on 6th september 2016 my little boy kyle james holden was born bolton hospital and is growing up living with my mum i hate to say this but i believe my son needs to see his mum more but because he was abused by the authority its a difficult situation


well i dont live nere my nanna or my dad or my wife i live nere my mum  and my child x


im so glad that my father has signed up for a place to live up nere me xxx


special birthdays

27th june 1985

17th january 1983

6th september 2016

19th march 1964

31st january 1966

15th june 1944

30th june 1939