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Family Run Empire @ Face mine



hello there girls and boys welcome to this holdens app developed by karl  i do hope you all find this app interesting  remember we will always be here


me and my dad used to play counter strike after about ten years it changed to condition zero  years later and it changed again to counter strike 2 counter strike 2 its dust2 map same as first counter strike but it looks alot bigger i think


i sent of for a passport for my son


costa brava 


costa del sol


i want to take him malia greece + tenerife

hello there i was a pupil at underley hall school when i left that school i went working in home bargins id just like to get a fact strate the staff in unerley hall school were nice staff  there was not abuse or anything that is being said about that school its to try to get money out of school

School i went to 

School i went to 

radcliffe primary school + Underley Hall School + salford college studying infomation technology

it was the day my child was born i prodicted his birth reaconize

i cant believe that your still visiting facemine im glad really i do hope you keep using this platform 5th february 2024 i woke up after a dream it was a bad dream my mum got a phone call and  they told her she had the killer 

do you no in 2024 my nanna shirley at 80 years old still going out on the market rooting through stuff she has done this all my life my uncle lee usually is with her looking through all cheap stuff my mum wont go lol i feel embarrassed but still love them always and forever best nana and uncle anybody could ever have xxxx

my child born 6th September 2016 is the best child in the whole wide world 


i think i have azoospermia 24th feuary 2024

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