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hello there every visitor on facemine im really happy that your visiting this app remember


when i was 16 i got a scooter of my nanna shirley i worked in home bargins in salford i crashed my scooter down witlane


i used  to go up to my mates flat on mulberry court weekends and get pissed 


i moved away from salford and i went living nere my grandad kieth with my mum.


i met a lady 13th april 2012 got married 12th april 2014 i created my baby boy kyle james holden he was born 6th september 2016 and i seperated


im 37 years old on 27th jue 2023 ill be 38 fucking old fart 17th january 2023 my wife will be 40


21st september 2022 took little boy to year 1 like we have done for ages on his bike the school said he can keep his bike there till after school this morning we went to his school like usual and the teacher said he isnt allowed to keep his bike there as other children have been wanting to come on there bike 


is school really Waste of time?


If you’re trying to find the answer as to whether or not school is truly necessary, that’s up to you to decide. Why school is a waste of time vs school being a vital part of growing up has been an ongoing debate that is completely based on your own individual beliefs. We have yet to come up with a solid conclusion as to what they best way to go is — although society does put a big emphasis on traditional school still.


Perhaps it could be done better and more efficiently. Schools could, for example, have more goal-oriented programs that are less time consuming. School days are too long for many students, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that school should be taken away completely. School hours could perhaps be shortened in order to be more effective, and allow children to have more time to focus on what they are truly interested in and learn in a variety of different ways.


Students could be provided with more opportunities within the school system to get more hands-on life experience with different concrete programs implemented. Parents too can try to be more involved in their children’s schooling, making sure that they are getting the most possible out of school.


If a child already knows the direction they wish to take and what they are interested in, parents can consider putting their child in a specialized school with a more specific focus. Basic schooling is required for higher education, which provides more career opportunities and opens more doors. But again, this is entirely dependent on what you want to do later on in life, and what other kinds of educational opportunities you have open to you.


For those that may feel as though traditional schooling is a waste of time, online schooling has become a new and increasingly common way to achieve a degree. The University of the People is a tuition-free online university that offers highly accredited degree programs, offering a great alternative for those that either don’t want, or are not capable of spending the majority of their time in the classroom. A degree can now be achieved at your own pace and without having to actually physically be in a class setting, allowing students to study remotely and choose their own schedules.

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