top story of kyle H


took little boy to school this morning 05th december 2023 then went to my mums stayed there till 03:15  then i picked boy up from school little boys school was having a christmas fair so i stayed with boy wile he had fun with school friends got him what he wanted at the fair xx


i went to a boarding school in the lake district  called Underley hall school i left school a 15 to be honest the school didnt really learn me anything i then started working in home Bargins at 15 years old on salford precinct my mum she worked in there too. when i got to 16 my nanna shirley bought me a scooter from claybank motors eccles i didnt have it long till 6th september 2001 i crashed it the end.


 me and my mum have watched ghost of britain for years with lee and linzi they seperated in 2023 


no matter what life throws at you how bad things are how cruel people are if you've got the guts and the determination you can fulfill your dreams.


i dont eat at a reasonable time i always wait till im hungry then i order meals i need to stop it bet im putting on weight