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hello there every visitor on facemine im really happy that your visiting this app remember


when i was 16 i got a scooter of my nanna shirley i worked in home bargins in salford i crashed my scooter down witlane


i used  to go up to my mates flat on mulberry court weekends and get pissed 


i moved away from salford and i went living nere my grandad kieth with my mum.


i met a lady 13th april 2012 got married 12th april 2014 i created my baby boy kyle james holden he was born 6th september 2016 and i seperated


im 37 years old on 27th jue 2023 ill be 38 fucking old fart 17th january 2023 my wife will be 40


21st september 2022 took little boy to year 1 like we have done for ages on his bike the school said he can keep his bike there till after school this morning we went to his school like usual and the teacher said he isnt allowed to keep his bike there as other children have been wanting to come on there bike 


About Me

karl robert holden born 27th june 1985 i live alone i have a child named kyle james holden i have a wife named victoria jayne holden they dont live with me something went wrong i care about u and memories that you share here. 


facemine ltd company was developed by karl holden cause i no how much you will enjoy our service i am the chief executive officer of facemine company  7th september 2021 our little boy started all saints C of E


i used to go karaoke in farnworth what a really lovely time i had these nights were so much fun i do miss them nights alot

good morning i always bought myself cheap fags because the price that you have to pay in the uk is way to much now you may say to me that it aint smokes well it helps me out i also get my mum cheap fags too 


i used to go sunday dinners to my nanna shirleys house each weekend all family would get together

Professional experience

6th september 2001

hello there i had a rta on the 6th september 2001 i crashed my scooter my nanna shirley bought me into a car i was put in hospital for 3 months of my life in a bad way​


27th june 1985

hello there everyone did you no this was the date when i first come to this world that we live in i was born in hope hospital my perents are julie and robert

6th september 2016

this was the date i had my little boy kyle hes growing up ever so big and mummy and daddy love you we are sorry for what bolton children services did to you son xx


on the 7th september 2021 our little boy started at All Saints C Of E Primary School im glad hes growing up perfect

i am proud to say im the ceo of this network my names karl

do you no what is on my mind alot and i no its been a very long time why stephen mccoll did what he did and kill people i just cant figure out why it really does annoy me every single night this goes through my head and has done for many years


i bet my little boy is going to hate me has he grows up because of bolton children services the fucking not rights they all are this goes through my head every day

i think alot about my rta i had i just cant get my head around was it my fault or not i just end up falling to sleep cause i dont no


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