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hello there everyone id like to tell you all i met my wife on friday the 13th april 2012 in the market hotel what a place to meet a women to be honest it was  a fast meet quick dance then she shoots off lmfao that night i was after fuckig the brains out of the girl  imet but she got off so iwas gutted that night i made sure they her friend took my number cause i told her mate to give her my number the next few days she ring me  then we met outside home bargins in farnwoth i thought god i hope she likes me and i like her as i was drunk that night dancing with her anyway we come together and bones her that night 

our little boy has to go to this nurture group twice per week aswell as go to his normal school i think its because he was abused by bolton children services the fucking not rights

each time we upload a video it will be shown here so please keep checking on youtube We are facemine we are here to here your conversation we are the people's network 🫣

ive had loads of motorbikes whats mad is they all been stolen by tramps from farnworth or little hulton the fucking tramps cant afford there own little mongs

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